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Fiber optical outdoor cable
Outdoor Fiber optical Cable is consisted of Fiber, Jackets, and all kinds of other covers, which permit digital data tr...
Fiber Optical indoor cable
Indoor Fiber optical Cable is consisted of Fiber and kinds of Jackets, No Bronze, silver or Golden, which permit digita...
POF Telecom Cable
Plastic Optical Fiber (POF for short) looks like a nylon rope, which is transparent to visible light. POF Cable is made...
POF Connector
HWAYING perfected Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) terminations to the following connectors: Toslink, Miniplug, FC, SC, ST a...
POF patchcord
In our wide range of industrial control and video/audio devices, we manufacture and supply optimum quality Fiber Patch ...
M.O.S.T.(Media Oriented Systems Transport)A stereo, television, refrigerators, the global positioning systems and veh...
Fiber optical adapter are used in fiber optic connection, the typical use is to provide a cable to cable fiber connecti...
Fiber Optical patchcord
Hwaying perfected fiber optic patch cords (GOF) to the following connectors: FC, LC, SC, ST, DIN, MU, SMA, MTRJ, E2000 ...
Network Device
With the rapid development of people’s digital life, Fast network is becoming more and more important. While tradition...

Why Choose Hwaying

Comprehensive and powerful production, development and processing ability for connecting wires and connectors.
  • We have 15 years rich experience in producing traditional connectng wires and connectors.
  • We have stronger productionk development, processing and OEM ability and larger scale capacity.
  • We have reliable quality control system and test equipment.
  • We have well-trained, hi-efficient and skilled staff of various levels.
Consistent with industry cutting-edge: consecutively participate in international and domestic exhibitions, forums and conferences concerning plastic optical fiber to get familiar with the industry forward trends and always keep close cooperation with international and domestic customers, upper and down stream enterprises in the field of plastic optical fiber telecommunication application.

Company Profile

Shenzhen Hwaying Century Optoelectric Technology Co., Ltd

Comprehensive and powerful production, development and processing ability for connecting wires and connectors.

how to order
  • Send us your quote inquiry
  • We provide you with a quote
  • Pay your invoice
  • We povide the sample
  • You approve the sample
  • We will ship your order by fedex


  • FAQS   What’s your company payment?

       T/T, PayPal, Visa, Western Union, L/C
  • FAQS   What is POF?

       POF (plastic optical fiber) is a type of fiber optic cable made of plastic rather than traditional glass. POF fiber is widely used in medical, imaging, and illumination applications where signal or light is not required to travel long distances. Generally POF is a much larger core size than standard glass fiber, making it more conducive for short distances.
  • FAQS   Do you can send sample? Sample is free or paid?

       Yes, we can send free samples. But customers should bear the freight. Our products are not all of the models can send free samples; part of the product sample is pay for it. You should contact our salesman at first.
  • FAQS   How to contact sales person?

       You can contact our sales person online, have a telephone, or send a e-mail. The contact information you can check on "Contact Us" in our website.
  • FAQS   Do you provide technical support? How to contact technical person?

       Yes, we do. You can see the contact information in "Contact Us" in our website.


We started our business relationship earlier this year. Your first delivery for the fibres was excellent. Good material, just in time delivery. Very good communication. For us a reason to invest if we good do more business in the future with Hwaying POF.
---Mr Ruud from Holland
You have always given us the best quality possible.
---Mr Paul from Fiberfin
You are my best supplier who cooperated with me in supplying the best quality SMA connectorised cables. I am satisfied and so as my customers.
---Mr Rajeev from India
All products are going very well, we have some good potentials.
---Mr Bruce from New Zealand
Optical fibers, we tested the transmission of light energy and maintaining the temperature, both are OK.
---Mr Dalibor Zyka from Czech Republic
We received the items now, all is perfect, thank you very much for your cooperation. We would like to work with you.
---Mr Metin Bekar from Turkey


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